Why Duramax

DuraMax offers a line of privacy fences that come in custom styles and colors including solid, lattice, and picket top privacy styles. Unlike wood privacy fencing, DuraMax gives you a lifetime of privacy with none of the headaches typically found in wood fences, such as rotting, termites, water stains and other wear-and-tear.

DuraMax privacy fencing is built using an interlocking system that is guaranteed to never pull apart. All DuraMax privacy fencing comes with a transferable Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Beautiful Designs Customized for your Property

DuraMax brings you beautiful designs that can be customize to match your specific architecture. We offer a large variety of post caps, picket styles, lattice tops and accessories to meet your every need. And every fence is custom designed and manufactured locally.

Local Fabricators and Trained Dealers

We have a network of trained local dealers and fabricators who can design and install your custom project. All of our products are installed by these professionals and will meet or exceed our factory standards.

Proprietary DuraResin Material

Our proprietary DuraResin vinyl formulation is specifically to withstand the hot southwest sun. DuraResin boasts over 12 parts of TiO2 (Titanium Dioxide) and highly perfected UV Inhibitors giving DuraMax vinyl the highest rated UV stability and weatherability of any vinyl. With DuraResin you won’t worry about your vinyl fence yellowing. You can be sure you’re getting the highest quality vinyl designed to give you a durable and permanent fencing solution.

“Route & Lock” Construction

All DuraMax vinyl fencing is built by routing and interlocking the different fencing parts together. Routed and interlocked members are strong and will never pull apart. We don’t use external brackets with unsightly screws that crack, break, discolor and fail over time. When you buy DuraMax, you are buying maximum durability.

DuraMax Exceeds The Industry Standard ASTM F964 for Vinyl Fencing

How do you know if a vinyl fence is up to industry quality standards? Well fortunately, there is an industry standard ASTM F964 for vinyl fencing. The standard sets minimum quality levels for characteristics like impact resistance, heat warpage and cold temperature cracking. DuraMax beats these standards across every category! Ask for our technical sheets to learn more. If you’re looking for a durable vinyl fence, make sure it exceeds ASTM F964 standards.*
*Excludes DuraMAX Value Line Series

Thick Walls for Strength and Durability

The walls of all DuraMax vinyl fence materials are thick for strength and durability. Thicker walled materials eliminate problems such as warping, cracking and sagging for the life of the product and assures you that your DuraMax products will be trouble free for years to come.